About Us

Yeedzin Tours and Treks would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Bhutan, a kingdom in the Himalayas with pristine natural environment and cultural heritage.

The management of Yeedzin Tours and Treks has been in the hospitality sector for the past 18 years operating a family owned guest house in the capital city of Thimphu. We understand the dynamic nature of individual guest needs and focus our efforts in catering to these needs in an effort to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We deliver the highest quality luxury tours with our experienced personal guides and chauffeur who will guide you in your discovery of the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”.

The Kingdom of Bhutan offers you an unprecedented experience through its pristine natural environment, invaluable spiritual and cultural legacy that has been preserved in the face of modernization. Being a deeply Buddhist nation, the Bhutanese have treasured their natural environment that is listed as a biodiversity hotspot in the world with its ecosystem being home to many exotic wildlife and plant species of the eastern himalayas. Bhutan has also been on the fore front in promoting Gross National Happiness, a concept introduced by our fourth King, that measures the quality of life by the happiness of the citizens and not by Gross Domestic Product.

Yeedzin Tours and Treks look forward to welcoming you to experience the charm and magic of the Kingdom of Bhutan with its amazing mountainous landscape with snowcapped peaks rising out of dense forests, monasteries and dzongs (fortress) taking up prime positions in the landscape and a nation that sets itself apart from the world as the “Last Shangri La”..